Facebook Ads Manager What It is and How to Explore It in Your Digital Strategy

When we talk about social networks, it is impossible that Facebook does not come to mind, and it is not surprising, since in 2018 it was the most popular social network in Mexico, according to a report by El Economista. Editor Rock Content February 14, 19 | 5 min read facebook ad manager Because of this, advertising campaigns have skyrocketed on this popular platform. In fact, the social network has Facebook Ads Manager , a tool that aims to develop Digital Marketing campaigns and strategies .

Why use Facebook Ads Manager?

Without a doubt, this control center for projects and methodologies for promoting and attracting users is very valuable. And it is that entering social Whatsapp Number List networks is something common for people today. According to the article in El Economista that we quoted a few lines back, 89% of Internet users’ main activity is to connect to these platforms. Logically, the great powers in the world of social networks have realized this and have developed tools for creating advertising campaigns, as is the case with Facebook Ads Manager.

How to properly use Facebook Ads Manager?

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If you want to know a little more about this ad manager, keep reading! What is Facebook Ad Manager?This makes it easier to monitor campaigns in their different stages, but this is not its only advantage, so take a look at the next section and learn more about BJ Leads its benefits! Why use Facebook Ads Manager? If we think about the main reason why you can’t stop using Facebook Ads Manager, we can’t forget that Facebook is the social network with the largest number of users in the world. According to life belt in January 2017 Facebook had an impressive 2.167 million active users each month. Meanwhile, this digital future data website estimates that around 80 million people use Facebook in Mexico.

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