Top 10 Factors Affecting Google Search Engine Ranking

In total, Google uses 200 factors to determine your website’s search engine ranking. Below, we’ve picked out the ten most important search engine ranking factors of the year that play a vital role in propelling you to the top of the search rankings.

Google conducts more than 67,000 searches per second, accounting for more than of global computer and mobile traffic  . Basically, this means that your website needs to rank on the first page of Google in order to be successful – considering this of internet users never scroll past the first page! As simple as it sounds, there are a lot of Google ranking factors you need to consider if you want to rank well in Search Engine Results Pages .

Careful analysis and application of these factors can make your website rank higher and provide a better user experience. Not only will this help generate leads, but it will also increase sales and revenue exponentially.

Highly Secure Website HTTPS Protocol

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a virtual transfer process that brings information from a website to a browser. There is a more secure mode called HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Security), which Google announced back in 2014 as a search engine ranking factor.

This advanced protocol signals to Google Iceland Mobile Number List that all information on your website is safe to view.

In 2017, Google further emphasized its importance, marking non-HTTPS sites as “insecure.” This leads to a rise in bounce rates for untransformed sites.

The picture below is the page of the HTTPS website, and the old version of the HTTP website.

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Mobile Friendly Interface

In 2015, the mobile terminal ushered in a boom.

With 50% of consumers acknowledging a preference for mobile-friendly sites, prioritizing this search engine ranking factor has become critical.

Additionally, Google has prioritized mobile users . This means that search engines now show results from mobile optimization first . If your site isn’t responsive to mobile users, it’s likely to be abandoned  at least when it comes to SEO.

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