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Landing Page Performance Specifically: to make our landing pages generate more leads, for which we need to change the form of the site from one column to two. Measurable: the goal is a 30% increase in leads. Achievable: When we split-tested our top-traffic landing pages comparing the traditional one-column form to the two-column form, we found that the two-column form converted 27% better than our traditional form at 99% test confidence. Meaningful: If we generate more leads, then the sales team gets more customers. Timeframe: one year later. SMART goal: In a year, our landing pages will generate 30% more leads by changing the form of the page from one column to two. Link building Specifically: increase our site’s organic traffic by developing a link building strategy that encourages others to link to our site.

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This will increase our ranking in the search results , which will allow us to generate more organic traffic. Measurable: The goal is 40 backlinks to the main page of our company website. Attainable: According to our SEO analysis tool, there are currently 500 low-quality Netherlands Phone Number links leading to our home page from other sources on the web. Considering the number of partnerships we currently have with other companies and the fact that we generate 10 new inbound links per month without any referral from us, an additional 40 inbound links per link building campaign is significant. but an achievable goal. Meaningful: Organic traffic is our main source of new leads, and backlinks are one of.

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The top ranking factors in search engines like Google. By building links to high-quality posts, we increase our organic ranking, which results in more traffic and leads. Terms: in 4 months. SMART Goal: Build 40 additional backlinks to hin the next four months. our company. rf. To do this, I will work with Masha and Andrey from the PR department, they will help BJ Leads me connect with content publishers and develop an effective strategy for working with our partners. How to properly raise prices for existing customers? Customers are never thrilled at the prospect of paying more for something they are already used to at a certain price. But that’s not the only reason why it’s so hard to raise prices.

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