Types of Cloud Storage Understand Their Features and Benefits

This is the most used option by users of this type of storage, due to its low or no cost and ease. Some of the most common are Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Soundcloud , among others. In summary, we could say that public cloud storage is ideal for personal use, small entrepreneurs, and marketers who are starting to build their portfolio. private cloud This type of cloud storage has better features in terms of security and customization compared to the public one, apart from sometimes being able to count on much larger storage capacities.

What is cloud storage?

Data backup providers, query programming tools or image banks could be examples of this type of cloud computing. We can mention a company that list of ceo email addresses uses Big Data and that needs this type of cloud to store sales information, OKRs and sensitive company metrics, but at the same time wants to share some useful information with its collaborators. Types of cloud storage service As I mentioned earlier, there are companies whose products or services depend on this cloud storage.

Types of cloud storage

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These services can be infrastructure, platform, or storage . Starting with IaaS ( Infrastructure-as-a-Service ) which are the most common, we canĀ BJ Leads find companies like Amazon, Rackspace, Flexiscale, which have large storage servers that support other services. And finally we find SaaS ( Software-as-a-Service ) , which work with a web application model where users can find solutions that are many times cheaper than buying a Software license. Some examples might be Hubspot or Pipedrive. conclusion Cloud storage gave way to a great digital transformation.

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