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Does your content help find answers to these questions? If not, it’s time to optimize it. See also: How to optimize website content for voice search? 2. Track the Needs Met If you’re familiar with Google PPC, you know that Quality Score is a measure of the relevance of your ads, keywords, and landing pages , as well as the likelihood that you’ll achieve the desired result – clicks and conversions. Google also evaluates pages on the Needs Met indicator need satisfaction. Here’s what the company says about this metric in a guideline published in 2016Needs Met requires you to focus on the needs of mobile users and think about how useful search results are for them.

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The rating range is from Completely Satisfied to “Completely Dissatisfied”. In fact, this is a return to the first point: to work for people. The purpose of the Needs Met metric is that, based on a search query, Google will display pages that are most likely to Kazakhstan Phone Number match the intent of the person making the request. Follow the Needs Metric As you analyze the pages on your site, ask yourself: Will the user find what they are looking for? Or does this page only work for you and your company? To get your page to the top of the search results for voice search, you need to provide information and answers to questions that users are interested in.

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Read also Quality Score and Ad Rank: What are the most common questions Google AdWords support staff get. Literacy matters In voice search, Google chooses the best piece of text to read aloud. Therefore, literacy is a very important factor. Reading a sentence BJ Leads with errors is already unpleasant, but hearing how it is voiced by the mechanical voice of a virtual assistant is even worse. This is not what Google is aiming for. Competent speech not only sounds good, but also helps the search engine shorten the text for voicing. The company continues to test the length of. The response and will most likely shorten the texts to get to the point faster.

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