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Pay attention to the images above: on the left is a postcard whose design did not fit her size, and on the right is a postcard whose appearance did not seem attractive enough to Marianne. Before you order a large batch of goods, first limit yourself to ordering a small trial batch to make sure that the product is of satisfactory quality. At this stage, Marianne wasn’t shy about asking too many questions, and neither should you. She made sure she understood everything correctly regarding the cost of the order, its size and product specifications.

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In the same period, the parties agreed on the services of which carrier they would use, on the cost of delivery. Discuss with the supplier all the details of the delivery of the goods. If the item is shipped directly to the warehouse, remember that you will need Croatia Phone Number tracking information for each shipment to complete the warehousing process. Marianne copied the destination addresses in Charlotte and Riga from the Prankful website and shared them with her supplier.  He would send her a photo of her parcel before sealing it.

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Photo of the parcel before sealing it Delivery and customs. Since Marianne’s order had. To be divid into two parts (one went to the USA, the other to Latvia), and no one and not only want to wait too long for the goods, it was decid to try out the express delivery option. As a result, shipping costs BJ Leads amounted to almost 25% of the total cost of the item, forcing Marianne to go over her budget. Nevertheless, it was worth testing this option – the speed of express delivery – if only because you needed to know how it could manifest itself in case of an urgent need to replenish stocks in the warehouse. The parcel reached the USA in 8 calendar days, and in Latvia – 11.

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