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About Tomek Rudzki — Tomek Rudzki heads the R&D team at ONELY, an international SEO agency focusing on research, data and execution for premier brands. He is also the writer of the enormously popular The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript SEO and its companion piece The Ultimate Guide to SEO Crawlers.Seeing the rebrand of Google My Business to Google Business Profile include the news that single location businesses will no longer enjoy the dignity of a room of one’s own because nice dashboards will be the sole province of more fortunate, large enterprises, it feels like SMBs are now being told (with indifference) to manage their listings here.

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Cat sitting on a messy table beside a laptop, computer El-Salvador Phone Number List monitor, mug, wool and other items. In Google’s own words: “Moving forward, we recommend small businesses manage their profiles directly on Search or Maps. To keep things simple, ‘Google My Business’ is being renam ‘Google Business Profile. The existing Google My Business web experience will transition to primarily support larger businesses with multiple locations, and will be renam ‘Business Profile Manager.’” To wit, big businesses will be grant some version of the former Google My Business dashboard, with its helpful navigation and dicat work areas, while SMBs must figure out.

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What has chang and try to manage their most BJ Leads visible local business listings directly in the messy SERPs, amid an astounding clutter of ads, organic results, SERP features, carousels, images, video results, and so on. Perhaps it’s no big deal and local businesses desiring the organization of a dicat listings management dashboard can rely on the Moz Locals of the marketplace. Or perhaps it’s a turning point. Maybe now is a critical moment in Google’s history to invite them to rethink this troubling pattern their powerful company has fallen into since they stepp into the lives of small business owners 16 years ago, and began to dominate so much of their fate.

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