From Clients to Haters How to Deal With Users on Social Networks

There is an eternal discussion about how much technology brings people closer or further apart. After all, the Internet only empowers behaviors that already existed, and brands need to deal with that. Redator Rock Content Dic 21, 18 | 7 min read In social networks, which are among the environments in which freedom of expression dominates the web, this is more evident. There are dozens of different personalities, each with traits that make life easier or harder for brands looking to cultivate an engaged audience. Here you will discover everything you need to know about how to deal with different users.

The Best and Worst of Social Media How to Deal With People

From the biggest promoters to the dreaded haters, and be successful with all of them. social media kit Leave your email and receive the free kit! The 3m employee directory best and worst of social media — how to deal with people We all love social networks, so much so that the rate of use of these environments is increasing. For brands, this can be a real dream or a terrible nightmare. For example, whoever accesses the Nubank profile on Twitter only sees manifestations of love in their interactions.

Learn about the 12 types of users on social networks and how to deal with each of them

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On the other hand, who does not remember Tyler James Williams, star of the famous series “Everybody Hates Chris”? Brazilian fans made comments BJ Leads referencing the series in EVERY POST he posted on social media. Nobody puts up with something like that. The secret of social networks is not to create good profile and cover images, videos, or anything like that. The secret is knowing how to deal with people. This, many times, requires qualities such as: Patience: too much patience.

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