From Shenzhen to Chengdu, how did she play a new world of recruitment in the southwest?

In order to integrate into the new team of Chengdu faster, Carol spent a lot of timeTeam culture constructionIn her view, the main reliance on starting a new business is people and culture, not the performance of the moment, so creating, inspiring, and guiding the team is a weapon for business success。To her surprise, in contact Background Remove Service with the Chengdu team, she found that the overall professionalism of this team exceeded her expectations. Everyone was kind and sincere, and everyone was willing to unite to create extraordinary。The tone of this office culture is alsoMichael Page Chengdu OfficeLater, he won the word of mouth in the southwest film area and laid the foundation。

Grab large and small, and cultivate private camps

Background Remove Service

In addition to catching the team internally, catching business externally is another major focus of Carol。Southwest recruitment and talent market have its own unique style. Only by understanding this style can intangible strategies turned into tangible tactics。Contact with a brand new market means that the accumulation of connections, candidates and customers must start from scratch。In order to familiarize themselves with and open the market as soon as possible, Carol and Chengdu teams actively talked with candidates, visited customers, and found out the recruitment situation and corporate background。

She found that from the perspective of talents, Chengdu colleges and talents concentrated, regardless of whether the headhunting company doing large-scale recruitment here or reserve management personnel, resources relatively sufficient。

Keep up with the trend and focus on the future

As the country’s new frontline city and the only international city in the southwest, thanks to the continuous implementation and deepening of national strategies such as “Western Development” and “All the Way”, Chengdu has deeply involved in global resource competition and integration in recent years。In addition to the BJ Leads strong strength of local companies, many multinational companies and large domestic leading companies have also set up headquarters in Chengdu, attracting many business elites and entrepreneurial capital to flow in one after another。Chemical manufacturing companies, shared service centers, and software engineering companies have always been important types of companies in Chengdu and Southwest。

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