What Types of Texts Exist and What Functions Do They Fulfill

In this article you will learn about the different types of texts that exist, what are the objectives of each one and their characteristics. Editor Rock Content Apr 19, 19 | 5 min read types of texts The digital age revolutionized the relationship between marketing and literature. The massive reach of the Internet and the possibilities of instant messaging have created an environment in which we constantly communicate through texts. So, if you like marketing and have a vocation as a writer, you are in the right place! This is where Content Marketing comes in .

What types of texts exist?

Therefore, today we are going to talk about the following types of texts: Descriptive text; Expositive text; Cientific text; Argumentative text; Narrative Italy Phone Number text; Literary text; Advertising text; Instructional text; historical text; legal text; digital text; journalistic text. We will talk about the functions that each one fulfills and its characteristics, so that you become an expert on the subject and master the art of writing for the web. That is why, without further pretexts, we will talk about the texts in this context. What types of texts exist? 1. descriptive “Des” means descending, that is, from top to bottom in the form of a list. When we describe we list features.

Historical text

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Within the types of texts, it is perhaps the most direct and its function is to describe a product or service in a clear and concrete way so that it quickly BJ Leads transmits its usefulness to the lead. On ecommerce sites or platforms like Google Shopping, it is the texts that make the difference. 2. Expository To expose is to place something in the sight of others, for example a product or in the literary case an idea, theory or thesis. When we expose we do not judge or analyze, we simply show something. For example, when we quote an author or refer to his thought to exemplify something. Exposing what we think about something or exposing thoughts of references in the area, is a way to build authority.

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