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The demise of email marketing has been report year after year, but it is still a pillar in the content marketing world. Email’s ge amid privacy concerns and consumer protections Miriam: Consumer privacy has become a huge topic for SEO, and I’ve mention above my “quiet corner” idea about email, but I know it also faces challenges. What can you tell me about respecting customers’ privacy? Hank: Data privacy is going to be trending next year. Email marketers are going to ne to do more with less. We are seeing more of an emphasis being plac on data privacy.

Open Rates By Knowing Which Email

Apple in particular is creating a Finland Phone Number List challenge in measuring email open rates and identifying subscriber location. For sure, we will see more email and technology companies follow suit. There is also the pending demise of third party cookies to worry about. By collecting first party data, marketers will be able to continue segmenting, targeting and personalizing their emails for maximum effect. Things that will help marketers prepare would be updating sign up-forms, using surveys, and integrating with CRMs and e-commerce platforms to make better use of data being collect. Miriam: I’ve talk about social channels being overwhelming, but complaints about groaning inboxes are common, too.

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Subject Lines Achieve The Best Open Rates

Especially when customers receive BJ Leads emails they don’t want. What can you tell me about double opt-in as a vehicle for respecting customers’ wishes? Hank: Marketers should only send emails to people who want to receive emails from them. No exceptions. One way to ensure that subscribers really want your emails is to use a double opt-in process. This allows subscribers to confirm that they want your awesome emails and also helps them find your email in their inbox right away and dig it out from spam, should it land there. Your double opt-in messaging should not be generic.

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