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Have more branded queries in search? Are you gaining popularity on social networks? Reflection and assessment Consideration. Are you getting more repeat visitors (assuming most of them come back before buying)? Do they come from regions within your service geography? What pages do they visit – middle or bottom funnel (for example, product pages)? Conversion. Do visitors turn into leads? Do people who have uploaded specially selected or restricted content respond to your subsequent posts and return to the site? Over time, measuring these micro -conversions will allow you to answer other questions.

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Where is the person downloading document  in the Buyer Journey? What types of micro-conversions are the most valuable in terms of lead generation? What points in the customer journey do they correspond to? Notably, in each case, a micro conversion is only Sri Lanka Phone Number valuable if it leads to a macro conversion (sale). Keep in mind that optimizing solely for micro conversions has its risks . Conclusion In an effort to design a good experience on a B2B site, keep the following in mind: 1. Consider your company’s unique needs. If you have high total value orders, high volume sales, or selling the same product to both B2C and B2B customers, then you need to go beyond just emulating the best B2C eCommerce sites.

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Communicate the value of your brand and your product. It is necessary not only to provide existing customers with the convenience of online shopping, but also to optimize your site in such a way as to convince new visitors to buy from you. 3. Create special B2B content. The person browsing your site is not the only one you need to persuade. Case BJ Leads studies on product pages will give the specialist in charge of the purchase arguments to convince his management. Knowledge Leak: How to Protect Your Key Competitive Advantage? You invest in your employees — mentoring, conferences, training. And yet, over time, the knowledge they gained disappears. Employees leave and go to other companies.

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