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Digital marketing 28 September, 2018 by Henry Silva Data Studio is generally available Data Studio is available We at Capybara SEO want to share some great news: Data Studio is generally available. Below we provide you with the details of this key tool for working on metrics in digital marketing. Google announcement about Data Studio Use Data Studio for reports We’re pleased to announce that Data Studio, Google’s free data visualization and reporting product, is no longer in beta and is generally available. This change signifies our continued commitment to help teams identify and share data, so they can take action to improve business results.

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And tightly integrated with Google Cloud Data Studio gives you easy access to data from Google Analytics , Google Ads, Display & Video 360, Search Ads , YouTube Analytics, Google Sheets, Google , and more. More than 500 other data sources, both from Google and third parties, to visualize and explore the data interactively. It allows you to easily share Mexico Phone Number List ideas with anyone in the organization. In addition to sharing, Data Studio makes it easy to collaborate seamlessly in real time with others, whether you’re sitting across the room or across the world. Since the introduction of Data Studio as a beta version in 2016. We have improved the stability of . The product and added many key features. We’ve seen millions of people use Data Studio to transform their data into powerful stories that reveal the key insights of their business.

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Companies like AirAsia Group are using

Data Studio to help with cross-platform reporting and cross-team collaboration. “Data Studio helps keep AirAsia data flowing throughout the organization, Shanti, AirAsia Data Director. “Democratizing data is the key to future improvements within the airline, and the integration between Data Studio and data sources helps ensure everyone has a single view. The platform has evolved rapidly over the last 12 months, and we are able to USA Business phase out existing production and ensure we have a single platform for ad-hoc data dashboard and visualization.” Today’s announcement of general availability comes after many updates to the product based on feedback from beta users. Combined, and shared using the Explorer, Data Blend, and Report Gallery.

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