Scroll to Text Google Chrome Update Promises to Change the Way Link Building is Done

To get around this problem, users share screenshots of the most relevant snippets of content or give instructions on where to start reading. In addition to reducing the audience’s engagement with the reference page, this barrier makes navigation on mobile devices even more difficult, since it is more difficult to scroll the page to certain fragments. GitHub proposes, then, that users are able to send links to a selected point of the content, stimulating the engagement of readers with the original publication . That alteration — which will appear as a new flag in Google Chrome  should be available to Chrome Canary users in the coming weeks.

scroll-to-text function

Scroll to text in search mechanisms In search engines, this function could make the process of finding information even easier for users. The situation phone number German presented by the hosting platform clarifies the issue well. When doing a search for the speech “Gettysburg Address”, by former US President Abraham Lincoln, to find out what were the sources of inspiration for his statement, it is possible to find a Wikipedia link with the option to follow directly the intertitle that explains the search intent. His will happen via start and end code—  To specify the snippet text in this way, it will only be necessary to insert two fragments to the target Text, separated by commas.

Scroll to text in search mechanisms

phone number German

This link would lead to the excerpt “The lazy dog ​​jumped over the quick brown fox”. How scroll to text can change the way you do link building The BJ Leads change is great for the user experience, optimizing their process of finding certain information in a practical and direct way. But this transformation does not promise to change only the perspective of users. At the same time, it can represent a highly relevant factor for SEO mechanisms around the world. In the end, now a specific content of your blog can receive several external backlinks for a particular fragment, increasing the number of anchor texts that point to that text and the number of keywords for which that same content can position.

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