Google Location Tracking Learn More About This Tool That Tracks Our Steps

Attention, it is possible to prevent Google from recording the user’s location, but for that, you have to disable a function called “Activity on the web and Apps”. On an Android device, it is possible to disable it through the following steps: Setting; Google> Google account; Data and Personalization>Activity on the Web and Application; Switch for Web and App Activity off. How to disable Google Location Tracking on iPhones, iPads and Apple computers? To completely eliminate the possibilities of recording location history.

Can casual location logging be avoided?

It is necessary to access the “Activity Control”, for this, it is likely that you must log in to your Google account. Next, you’ll need to turn cell phone directory India off the “Web and App Activity” setting. To block location history is simple, once this function falls under the previous one. If you found this process a bit complicated, don’t worry, you can follow the following steps: Open the Google page in the browser of your choice and log in to your account; Click on your profile picture and then on the Google account button; Click on “Personal Information and Privacy” and then on “My Activity”; Click on the “Activity Controls”; Turn off the “Web & App Activity” feature.

How to disable Google Location Tracking on iPhones, iPads and Apple computers?

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There are two other points you need to know: in the “My Activity” panel you can exclude all kinds of tasks, even data related to your location. You BJ Leads can also delete group and individual events. Since you’re here, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that you can exclude your location history from Google Maps using the “Trash” icon. Benefits of keeping Google Location active When you activate this Google feature , you access various benefits of the brand such as obtaining personalized maps and recommendations according to the places you have already visited.

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