Google Analytics Tool To Find Your Website’s Most Important Traffic Sources

Today we are going to talk about digital marketing , the function of Google Analytics website traffic statistics. The reason why we talk about this function is because we need to know the source channel of the website or APP, whether it is natural traffic or paid traffic, we only need to know which channel. The best effect, whichever comes next, can help us achieve performance growth in digital marketing .

The Acquisition report in Google Analytics is locat under the Acquisition section in the left navigation bar, and you can use the Acquisition report to compare the performance of different marketing channels and determine which sources are driving traffic and conversions The highest quality, which helps you make better decisions when focusing your marketing initiatives.

How to identify the source of website traffic

Before discussing the Acquisition report, it’s important to understand how Google Analytics identifies the source of your website’s traffic. When a user Belgium Mobile Number List arrives on your website, the Google Analytics tracking code automatically records several Attributes (i.e. dimensions), which include the traffic medium, source, and the name of the marketing campaign.

You can think of the medium as the mechanism that sends users to your website. For example, common mediums include “organic search,” “paid search,” “site referral,” “email,” and “none.” Let’s take a look at these different types of media.

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Lock in high-quality traffic

To determine which traffic sources are performing better, we can look at which source/medium combinations have the most users, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that combination is the best traffic. The ideal traffic would be “premium” traffic, that is, users from relevant sources who interacted with the site or complet conversions. The second is Google’s natural search traffic, and the third is actually direct traffic. I think the click traffic of WeChat groups and other domestic.

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