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The first step is to find out which pages exist on the web. There is no central registry of all web pages, so Google must constantly search for new web pages and add them to the list of known web pages. When following links to new pages on known pages, Google discovers other pages. When a website owner submits a list of pages (sitemap) for Google to crawl, Google discovers other pages as well. If you use a managed web hosting service like Wix or Blogger, these services may let Google crawl your updated pages or new ones added.

How To Improve Website Crawl Performance

Verify that Google can access the pages on your site and that they look correct. Make sure Google can access web pages as anonymous users (users without passwords and information). Google should also be able to see all the images and other elements of the page in order to be able to properly understand the page. You can quickly check pages by entering their URLs in the Mobile-Friendly Tester.

If you create or update individual web pages, you can submit specific URLs to Google. To keep Google aware of multiple new or updated pages at the same time, you can use a sitemap.

If you want Google to only crawl 1 page, make that page the South Korea Phone Numbers List homepage. In Google’s eyes, your homepage is the most important page on your site. To facilitate a full site crawl, make sure your homepage (and all pages) include a good site navigation system  that links to all important sections and pages on your site. This will help users (and Google) find what they’re looking for on your site. For small sites (less than 1000 pages), just let Google know about your homepage, provided Google can access all other pages through the link path from the homepage.

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Google analyzes the content of the page, catalogs image and video files embedded on the page, and tries to understand the page in other ways.

How to improve web indexing:

Make web page titles that are short and meaningful.

Use page titles that communicate the page’s theme.

Use text (not images) to communicate content. (While Google understands some images and videos, text is easier to understand than images and videos. Please at least annotate videos and images appropriately with alt text and other attributes.

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