Grocery Store Marketing Strategies That Work To Grow & Profit Online

Starting with the pandemic and now a North American-wide grocery store labour shortage, more and more grocery stores are turning online and to digital marketing as a way to leverage the ways they can attract new customers, keep customers loyal, and build their bottom lines. The trend of online grocery shopping is increasing, with 46.9% of respondents in the US saying they are planning to buy groceries online in the next 12 months, compared with only 25.8% in 2018 (1). Similarly, in Canada, the surge in online shopping is strong, with more than 1 in 5 people predicting to do even more online grocery shopping (2).

How To Market A Grocery Store #1: Create and optimize your eCommerce store

Before beginning your online marketing Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List venture for your grocery stores, you’ll need to build your website, which preferably includes eCommerce functionality.  Here are just a few steps you should follow:

  • Get to know your target market and analyze your competition for what is already working in your geographic delivery area
  • Create all your eCommerce features and functions to cover product listings, taxes, billing, etc.
  • Choose the delivery model/partner you will use: i.e. Instacart, DeliverGrocery, Shipt, Thrive Market etc., and integrate it on your website.
  • Create extra convenience and profit-making items for your store such as gift cards, sales or promotion sections, etc.
  • Optimize  your website for the mobile experience
  • Develop an interrelated mobile app

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How To Market A Grocery Store #2: Implement Effective Traffic Building Strategies

Maximize existing customer traffic: Existing customers are the backbone of your business. With more and more grocers extending their delivery reach, you’ll need to work hard to keep in front of your customers and encourage them to return. Just a few marketing methods that can work include:

  • Use returning customer specific online promotions
  • Use coupons optimized for returning traffic i.e. get a 5% off on your next visit
  • Offer a special coupon for those who haven’t purchased in awhile
  • Offer points-based rewards that keep them coming back to build their points

Grow organic traffic: Organic free traffic is a great thing!  But remember, organic traffic generation takes time and dedication. Here are a few ways to build organic traffic that you must absolutely use as part of your overall marketing tactics plan:

  • Use social media to build your brand (not to sell your products)
  • Create a strong email marketing strategy (that keeps customers engaged)
  • Build a solid SEO plan (maximizing local SEO strategies)
  • Encourage social sharing in every online article, coupon, promotion etc.

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