What is a Keyword and How Does It Influence SEO

If we continue talking about the Internet user interested in university education, we could say that he would use middle tails such as “careers related to health” or “better paid degrees”. As you can see, although they are not excessively specific searches, they do show an interest in knowing certain aspects of a topic. SEO Ebook Complete guide to reach the first position of Google! Select Select 3. Long-tail keywords This class of keywords, also known as “long tail”, usually require greater effort and creative capacity from those who write content in Digital Marketing .

What are keywords for?

And it is that being more extensive terms, incorporating them into the texts in a natural way can be a little more complex. What happens is that New Zealand Phone Numbers long tails are keywords that users use when they already have a slightly more advanced level of knowledge about a topic and, consequently, they require specific information that allows them to make a purchase decision. Let’s imagine that the person who has researched about university education has already noticed that the careers that interest him most are those in the business sector. In that case, you could use long tails like “Where can a Bachelor of Business Administration work? o “Main subjects of the Public Accounting career”.

What types of keywords exist?

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In addition to this, it is important that you understand that keywords are also classified according to search intent. Simply, they are those that a user uses to BJ Leads inform himself. Commercial These keywords are directly related to the purchase of a product or service. Although the majority of Internet users frequently only use Google and, perhaps, Yahoo!, the reality is that the Internet has many others, including: Live; Go; Ask; AOL; Snap; MSNSearch; Boing; GoYams; Bing. That is why choosing the right terms in publications and content on social media allows you to achieve a privileged position.

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