How Google Analytics Works Google Analytics Account

To track a website, you first need to create a Google Analytics account, and then add a small piece of JavaScript tracking code to each page of the website. Whenever a user visits a page, this tracking code collects information about the user’s interaction with that page. Anonymous information about the situation. For the Google Store, the tracking code can show how many users visit a page that sells drinks. This compares to how many users visit pages that sell household goods. Tracking codes can also determine how many users have purchas items such as Android robots by monitoring whether they end up on a purchase confirmation page.

processing Snd Reporting

When the tracking code collects the data, the collect information is packag and sent to Google Analytics for processing and reporting. Which aggregates and organizes the data according to certain criteria when processing the data, such as the user’s device Whether it’s a mobile or desktop device. Or which browser the user is using. You can also use Bahrain Mobile Number List configuration settings to customize how data is handl. Data is stor in a database after Google Analytics has process it, and the data cannot be chang. Note that when setting up the configuration, if you think you need to analyze some data later don’t exclude it. Once the data is process and stor in the database. It is display in Google Analytics as reports. which I’ll cover in a later article.

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Practical Application Of Digital Analysis

For example: Google Merchandise Store, where the goal might be to increase T-shirt sales, the store can use digital analytics to collect and analyze data from online ad campaigns to determine which campaigns are performing the best so they can scale up relat marketing initiatives. For example, a store can analyze regional sales data to see if users in certain regions are buying a lot of T-shirts. If so, they’ll run more campaigns in those areas, and they can use digital analytics to understand how users are progressing with their online shopping cart, and if they see a user having trouble getting to a certain point on the site, they can Change the website to resolve the issue.

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