How to Communicate Your CSR Campaign in the Digital World

A CSR campaign is a corporate initiative to promote positive impacts on society. Ivan deSouza May 29, 19 | 4 min read CSR campaign Today, most of the large and small brands have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, in order to provide positive, high-impact solutions inside and outside their company. In the following publication we want to share with you a series of tactics on how to place and make a Corporate Responsibility campaign successful in the digital world. Three media that will enhance your initiatives Web, digital advertising and social networks. You must have these three channels, that is, well managed and under a clearly defined strategy in terms of results, audience differentiation and quality of content and design. Web is the cover letter.

Exclusive networks for your CSR campaign

These are platforms that allow us to inform our programs in a clear and comprehensive way, how to involve people to be part of them, and to restaurant email database share results (transparency is very important in CSR since it generates reliability and solidity.) This is important as it allows you to organize budgets. For example, a brand that promotes reforestation campaigns, if their first audience objective is to target people interested in volunteering, that will be the end of it. Each one has a purpose of use and audience. Facebook and Instagram are currently the most popular and the ones that are updating their applications every time. Both networks allow the generation and sharing of informative and interactive content. Let’s cite an example.

Tips to generate content for your CSR

restaurant email database

There are cases of fundraising campaigns that lead to storytelling and make many people allocate large amounts of money to the cause they are BJ Leads dealing with. Brand references to visualize the way they carry out their CSR advertising campaigns are Greenpeace, Patagonia, Global Citizen and ONE CAMPAIGN. Corporate Social Responsibility programs are proposals that seek to solve different challenges, change paradigms and generate new cultures. At the digital marketing level, it is a great opportunity to challenge everyday creativity and be able to generate products that entail a great added value of reflection, transformation and social impact. “Make digital transformation focused on causes and people”.

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