How To Promote The Robot Franchise Industry And How To Acquire Customers

Business introduction: The main function of the telephone robot is to use human artificial intelligence voice technology to directly make massive outbound calls, and to carry out target publicity and promotion through system software, making telephone sales easier and worry-free, and can help the whole industry. A software that solves difficult sales, difficult management and low employment efficiency.

MARKETING Objectives

Promotion goals:

1. The cost is stable below 150 yuan

2. Improve the quality of leads on the mobile phone.

3. The landing page bounce rate is reducd


Combin with the abstraction of customer product joining, use video to let customers know about products, join products. And add video The use  of the Kenya Mobile Number List product needs to be used by a large business team creativity in search.

The customer’s original landing page opened slowly, creating a marketing page and adding a video component to improve conversion and reduce bounce rate.

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Marketing Strategy Analysis

Netizens Demand – Users are gradually accustom to the way of video to browse and receive information, and use video to meet the needs of netizens

product demand:

1. Product joining is software, and 70% of people do not understand what a phone robot is

2. The advantages of joining are not explained by actual operation or video. And the sales advertisement cannot explain the product well

3. The use of the product needs to be used by a large business team.  Estate companies. Which are in high demand. There is no time to check the text advantage, and the video is more intuitive

Promote competitive demands:

1. There are fewer customers for the video of Feng Nest, which belongs to the period of loose traffic.

2. At present, there are few competitors for monitoring and posting videos, and the posting will definitely attract the attention of netizens and keep calls.

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