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However to justify the price increase, you can focus on the following key points: The length of time since the last price increase; The value you have added to your product or service during this time; Increase in demand if you have service restrictions (for example, strictly limited consulting hours). “Get ready to socialize,” Sakas warns. “I notified existing customers about it about 5 months before the price increase. My goal was not only to fulfill existing commitments and reward loyalty. But to ensure that current customers would not be surprised later.” Get a clear picture of how pricing changes will affect current customers.  Collect feedback after the process has been launched and adjust based on it Finally, ask for feedback.

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If you fail to address a particular customer segment or encounter backlash, the sooner you find out—and find a solution—the better. One way to measure feedback is to monitor consumer behavior. Turchin explained that reducing the time it takes to purchase or register is indicative of successful price increases: “We measure attitudes towards pricing Thailand Phone Number primarily by the adoption cycle — how quickly a customer is brought into production and how quickly usage of a product increases. We are definitely seeing a reduction in the time and number of additional purchases.” Once the price increase cycle is over, don’t stop. Check prices every couple of months. Not every price revision will require a price increase, but each revision will help bring your prices in line with your value.

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The longer you ignore this point, the more difficult it will be to ensure the alignment of these two parameters. See also: The art of setting prices or why do we pay as much as they ask? Instead of a conclusion “Any supplier can raise prices,” writes Patrick Campbell. “But increasing prices and customer satisfaction requires a deep understanding of the BJ Leads features your customers value and their willingness to pay, which you get from your research.” Price increases are scary if you don’t know what your customers value most or how much they value it. But refusing to correct pricing is not an option. The longer you delay a reasonable price increase, the worse your options become—either it will take you longer to align product price and customer value, or you will take more risks trying to do it faster.

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