Digital Marketing in the real estate sector

Our CEO and co-founder of Norte Digital Peru, Henry Silva, was part of the group of exhibitors at the Marketing Workshop for Millennials , organized by the Association of Real Estate Companies of Peru ( ASEI ), in which he addressed issues related to Digital Marketing , Real estate searches on Google and characteristics of digital advertising channels . exhibition marketing workshop for millennials Importance of Digital Marketing for the real estate sector With the expansion and advancement of technology and social media, the ways we communicate have also changed. Innovations have provided us with instant, effective and impressive means of communication. Now we can connect with people sitting on the other side of the world; make friends, customers or followers; we reach all of them with the help of digital software on our mobile and computing devices.

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Shopping education entertainment banking and even buying a home , are available with a single click. For this reason, digital marketing for real estate is important. Millennials and real estate searches on Google Young people prefer to use the Internet to discover all the information about the properties that best suit their needs. In addition, it allows them to see through real photographs and videos the details of each of their Oman Phone Number List options in the stage prior to the purchase or rental. The Internet provides access to hundreds of real estate portals where suitable properties can be shortlisted based on budget. Location and proximity to basic services in the areas most interesting to users. Buyers and investors trust Google and the digital services provided by real estate agents through digital marketing strategies. Similarly, real estate developers use technology and digital channels to provide 3D floor plans, aerial views, 360-degree views, and real estate locations.

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Explore properties from every angle while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Henry Silva expounding on digital marketing Why is digital marketing profitable for the real estate sector? With the help of digital marketing, real estate companies can reach the target audience in less time . While creating an impressive and long-lasting impact on search engines through an SEO strategy . On the Internet, real estate developers get tools, ideas USA Business and even the list of potential investors, buyers and tenants. Since most young people are looking for houses and apartments online .  Cyberspace has become a platform that provides real estate sellers and buyers with what they need in a single click.

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