In truth your real work has only just begun

In truth your real work has only just begun. Like a business you’ve just started, 80% of your energy should be put into selling and marketing your production, at least in the beginning. This rule, even the most talented artists do not escape it. Indeed, the job of today’s professional artist is no longer just to create alone in his studio, but to go out into the world and find ways to distribute his work.¬† This last part is difficult, especially for an artist because he is perceived as the opposite of the creative process ; it requires a lot of humility, listening, but above all requires deepening one’s knowledge. However, the game is worth the candle because for those who have the sacred fire.

Disseminating your creations

The profession of artist has a lot to offer. This is why we have put together this little guide which will, we hope, guide you towards good practices T-Shirt Design Service Disseminating your creations: where to start? Whether we like it or not, the work of art is a product on which we must decide a price, find a market, market and sell, especially if we wish to make a living from it. canva communication_digital_2 If you know how your work is unique. It is therefore necessary to learn about the laws of the art market and sales before starting, which is not easy.

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You are right art obeys very specific laws

Since sales training for artists is poorly perceived. After all, art is above the laws of the market, right? You are right, art obeys very Bj leads specific laws. The artist must be cunning and make efforts if he wants to succeed in this field and spread his talent to as many people as possible. To develop his artistic promotion. The artist must know how to identify his market and to do this. Several steps are to be followed. Determine what makes you unique Before knowing who your customers. Are where they are you must first define your identity. What are your advantages over others. What are your creative abilities. Do you have a style. If so, what target does it correspond to. Is there a phrase that characterizes you.

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