Flywheel the New Face of the Inbound Methodology

When a user shares her contact information, it is much easier to reach him and motivate him to make a purchase. However, the Flywheel goes much further. For this strategy, the real business differential is generating enough “force” to turn the wheel that gives life to your business. The wheel of the cycle of interaction between the consumer and the brand. To achieve this each phase helps the other. We attract leads , we generate interaction dynamics to engage them and we provide a memorable experience, that attracts old and new customers and so it goes on: customers will increase and buy constantly.

Why was the Flywheel born?

Precisely, prioritizing the user experience , since the purchase force is in the customer. These contents may also interest you: Inbound find address from phone number in Sri Lanka Sales: know this sales methodology Inbound Links: what they are and how they influence SEO The main metrics of Inbound Marketing Now let’s see some practices of this technique! Flywheel Driven Actions One of the principles of this trend is that friction, a term that encompasses everything that causes non-conformity in the client, causes the loss of force and, consequently, the wheel can stop turning, shortening the life cycle of the client.

Impact of the Flywheel on Inbound Marketing

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To avoid friction, the Flywheel uses the 3 practices that we will analyze in the next few lines. 1. Automation of care processes Automation is BJ Leads one of the great allies of the business world today, and the Flywheel was born in the midst of this reality. For this reason, this strategy seeks to implement it in customer service processes to make them more agile and precise, avoiding friction and inconvenience between users and employees. Fortunately, there are many ways and mechanisms to offer automated customer service, such as chatbots , post-sale emails or satisfaction surveys, for example. And, best of all, this kind of technological tools guarantee that there is attention 24 hours a day.

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