Inbound Sale the Key to the Growth and Success of Your Company

Why migrate to Inbound Sales? A 2014 study by Veloficy, along with sales author Steve W. Martin, showed that 46% of respondents had already moved their field salespeople to work at home. For 66% of them, Inbound Sales significantly affects the costs generated by the sales process , since there are no travel, accommodation and food costs. In addition, technological tools have evolved considerably, making the transition much simpler. After all, conferencing over Skype or Google Hangouts is much more convenient. But we can also go into another topic. Inside Sales makes results measurement much more efficient and accurate . Do you know how many prospects an outside vendor contacted?

What do Inbound Sales and Inbound Marketing have to do with each other?

With precision? By bringing the sales process into the business — using a good CRM , preferably — by setting the right KPIs , measuring results is faa employee search much simpler. This allows you to define what the suppliers’ potential customers are for each day, the revenue goals that drive each stage of the pipeline or sales funnel, and so on. In addition, the CRM together with Inbound, provides highly relevant information for the sales process, which can lead to the closing of a transaction. What changes are there in the sales role?

Why migrate to Inbound Sales?

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Can you imagine the work of prospecting , validating and evaluating each potential client, in an “analog” way? That is, with paper, pen and a good dose of BJ Leads disposition. It is something that should really take a good time for sellers. In addition, it was the seller’s job to educate the prospect about the possibilities of their business, its advantages and benefits. The first change in this process is that you no longer have to worry about it. With a good inbound strategy, the sales force receives the best qualified contacts and does not have to worry about teaching them anything.

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