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This is because they measure growth by the number of signups and paying customers that they have. By identifying your SEO competitors. You can know the kind of CTAs and buttons that work well in your niche. That way, you’ll have a better understanding of the conversion strategies that can drive growth for your SaaS business. Three ways to identify the SEO competitors of your SaaS brand Here are three tactics you can try today to identify your SaaS brand’s top SEO competitors. Use SEO tools SEO tools have access to large amounts of data for different websites and niches. And they’ve analyzed and categorized this information for your own use.

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For example SEMrush has the Market Kenya Phone Number List Explorer tool, which helps you to find potential competitors for your business. Ahrefs also has a competing domains report in the Site Explorer tool. This helps you to identify the websites competing with your SaaS, based on the kind of keywords you’re ranking for. You can also use the Moz Pro True Competitor tool to identify the top SEO competitors for your SaaS brand. Here’s how it works: Let’s say you want to identify the top SEO competitors of Moz. With this tool, you can find that information within a few seconds.

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The first thing you need to do is enter the following BJ Leads details in the tool: Preferred market: The specific location you’re targeting Domain type: The type of domain Domain name: Your website URL True Competitor Once you enter this information and hit the “Find Competitors” button, you’ll get a list of top 25 competitors: Moz True Competitor Tool interface As you can see, websites competing with Moz on the SERPs aren’t limited to software brands alone. They include others such as: Google Search Engine Journal Hubspot Search Engine Land Wordstream Backlinko.

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