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They also compiled a list of those items that would be a good option to launch, but turned out to be more expensive than theĀ  400 that Marianne had: power banks with custom prints (you could choose cheaper samples, but you should not start by selling low-quality products, especially if your company name contains the word Startup); custom printed flasks (selling personal items is a risky business, and Startup Vitamins has already failed to sell travel mugs). And when Marianne decided that the new product would be laptop bags, she remembered that she had completely forgotten about the number 1 rule in business.

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Give customers what they really want. When you feel insecure and at a dead end, always look to your audience for feedback. Tweet quote: The laptop sleeve idea was shelv until better times, and Marianne created a short survey , which she sent to all Startup Vitamins customers: New product survey New product survey: 1. What kind of product are you most interested in in Startup Vitamins assortment: clothing, computer accessories, gadgets, stationery. 2. Please provide examples of the products you would like to see in the store. 3. Please leave Cameroon Phone Number us your email for communication By filling out the questionnaire, the survey participant could leave a comment. And it was precisely through the opportunity to express her opinion, and not be content with the proposed options, that Marianne received really valuable data regarding which product she should launch in the near future.

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Highlighted in red postcards, smaller prints, postcards Highlighted in red: postcards, smaller prints, postcards Among all the responses Marianne received, every now and then came across an offer to launch postcards for sale. It should be noted that at BJ Leads about the same time, a number of companies from MailChimp to Offscreen Magazine included postcards in their marketing structure.. The answer to the following question: where can one buy such postcards? See also: Dropshipping: how to test new business ideas? How to Find a Dropshipping Supplier Marianne started by searching Google for companies that make postcards and just about any kind of printed matter. She then added geography to the equation.

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