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Many Shopify online store owners have the same worry that their hard-built Shopify website can’t get enough traffic, and their online performance is not going up as a result. Do you know? In fact, you can integrate Shopify online store, connect it to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest platforms for in-app sales, and get huge traffic from these platforms. Not only can you sync product catalogs on these social platforms, but you can also create shopping posts to share your product information and generate higher revenue for your online store.

Each of these platforms has some unique advantages, let me give you a breakdown of the advantages of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

First Why Integrate Shopify And Facebook

Facebook Shop can provide customers with a smooth shopping experience, you can not only customize the store scene and atmosphere, but also group products to help customers discover more related products. Plus, you can add product tags to France Mobile Number List your Hong Kong Phone Numbers List Facebook posts, allowing buyers to view product prices and make purchases without leaving the Facebook app.

Facebook: Highly customizable online store with great user experience

  • You first need to create a Facebook fan page (Facebook Page);
  • Then add account administrators to your Facebook Page;
  • Then use the shopping template from the Facebook page to decorate the online store;
  • Post your Facebook Page;

It should be noted that the currency used by the online store must be the currency supported by the Facebook store.

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Advantages Customer Unit Price On The Entire Network

Last year, Pinterest launched a new APP, which allows merchants to upload product catalogs from Shopify online stores to Pinterest. Pinterest users will be able to shop within the APP, which can effectively help increase the organic traffic of the online store. In addition, the average order price on the Pinterest platform is 50 yuan, which is significantly higher than other social media platforms.

If you have a Shopify online store, then don’t hesitate to integrate into Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest social platforms now, your product inventory data will be displayed in sync across different platforms, and customers on different platforms can see the inventory and make selections purchase. More importantly, it will effectively increase your brand awareness and organic website traffic.

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