What is Information Architecture Understand This Concept and Its Applications

Information architecture is an important concept in UX and one that has fundamental implications for marketing and business. Understand everything about the subject in this post! Thiago Xavier Mar 22, 19 | 9 min read society of Information Exposure to a huge volume of information is already part of our routine — mainly when we surf the web or use our favorite applications. What users may not notice during these day-to-day activities is that behind quality sites and apps are professionals responsible for structuring information to give people the best experience.

Why is information architecture so important?

They are designers, user experience (UX) analysts , content producers, developers, and other experts who need to master the field of Information Thailand Phone Numbers Architecture (in English, Information Architecture, or simply IA) to create useful and intuitive digital assets. There are even companies hiring officials for the specific position of information architect. For this reason, we prepared this post with a lot of knowledge about AI, ranging from its principles to the ways in which it is present in our day to day lives. Good reading! What is information architecture? In a fairly succinct definition, the Information Architecture Institute explains what this discipline consists of: “Information architecture is the practice of deciding how to organize the parts of something so that it is understandable.”

How to summarize the concept of information architecture?

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If we are going to develop this description, we can say that AI has the function of helping people find what they are looking for . In physical or digital BJ Leads objects or places, it also has the purpose of clarifying the context in which the individual or user finds himself. Information architecture is a pillar of technology and the organization of large companies, forming part of a large context of digital transformation. If you go to a supermarket for the first time and want to know where the chocolates are, you will probably look for a plaque that indicates the sweets and desserts section. Similarly, if you want to check the ingredients of a product, hopefully you can easily find that information on the packaging.

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