Facebook Announces an Expansion Plan for Its Technological Infrastructure Projects

Facebook has announced a plan to expand its shares for technological development in emerging countries. In this content, we present them to you. Guest Author February 26, 19 | 3 min read raise conta no facebook This week between February 25 and 28, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) takes place in Barcelona, ​​which is the most important event for innovation in the world of mobile devices. How could it be otherwise, for this event Mark Zuckerberg has a totally out of the box proposal: social technology.

Internet for All – Peru

In the sense of investing in structure to universalize internet access under the slogan “connectivity is a human right”. Technology lives not only on lawyers email address in USA software but also on collaboration networks to finance and develop the structure that enables connectivity in the most remote and remote places on the planet. Many do not see with good eyes this mega expansion in emerging countries that represents a market of 5 billion people. Germany characterizes it as a monopoly and in England they call it a threat to society.

The three pillars of global expansion

lawyers email address in USA

That’s why Mark didn’t go to the event and sent a representative. There are days when it is better not to leave the house, right? Join us! Internet for All – Peru The BJ Leads great undertaking without a doubt is this experiment in Peru, a partnership between Telefónica de Perú (which enters with the know-how in telephony), the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), the CAF Development Bank of Latin America and Facebook  the last three enter with the financing.

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