Interpretations About The Event Appeared Quickly 

For days, Argentina has been experiencing moments of shock. On Thursday, September 1, a young man of Brazilian nationality, but resident in Argentina since the early 1990s, brandish a weapon against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and trie to assassinate her while she enter her home. Surround by militants who were going to support her against prosecutor Diego Luciani’s request for 12 years in prison in a series of legal cases that she is currently facing, the Vice President of the Republic was the target of a shot that, fortunately, did not come from the automatic pistol . The young man who shot was arrest and today her partner. Brenda Uliarte. is also charg. suspect of having been part of the attack.

Hate Doesn’t Explain Everything

After the repudiation and criticism of the attack and in front of a society in a state of shock , a word began to hover over the environment hate. There were not a few who affirm that the frustrat assassination of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner Bolivia Mobile Number List was the product of hate speeches broadcast by different media outlets and by opposition supporters. From the government head by Alberto Fernández. That message was rais with all clarity. And the interpretations and political debates began to revolve around that category.

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In Another Olace In Another Time

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