Direct and Interactive Marketing: the forerunner of digital marketing

The most knowledgeable say that direct marketing is that form of marketing whose objective is to seek answers and establish long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with the client» .

Direct Marketing is a strategic vision of marketing that uses all available means of communication and advertising. The goal is to identify prospects and foster response and relationships between the company and the customer. In this way, we approach what we define as Digital Marketing.

In fact, Direct Marketing found a great ally on the Internet, reaching its peak with new technologies . Without a doubt, this was the starting point for the development of digital marketing. Also, the ability to measure and the possibility of creating personaliz services tailored to the client but at a low cost.


Advantages of Digital Marketing

Due to the characteristics that the Internet brings to Digital Marketing , we can clearly attribute the following advantages:

  • Global: Once your product is position on the internet, anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to access it.
  • Interactive : Internet is a two-way communication channel, therefore Digital Marketing is also. In this way, communication between companies and consumers has been maximiz. Especially since the emergence of the RRSS.
  • Perfectly measurable : The data is no Pakistan Cell Phone Number List longer base on market studies, slow to carry out and expensive. Now, they are collected immediately through the monitoring of the actions that the user performs directly on the Internet. It allows obtaining personal data, preferences and usability that, properly analyzed and managed, allow the creation of more efficient actions.
  • Hyper Segmentable: Thanks to the large amount of information collected about Internet users, it is possible to diversify marketing actions much more. We can aim for more and more outlined and defined objectives. Today, we segment campaigns by incorporating new geographical and time variables and depending on the access device.


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Strategies and tactics in Digital Marketing

For me there are three key activities in digital marketing : The first thing is to attract qualifie traffic to the web, which is done by the traffic manager or digital trafficker . The second thing is to convert that traffic into actions that are normally worke on by the trafficker, also with knowledge of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) , although in large teams it is in the hands of the UX Product Design team . And finally, there is the function of the digital analyst or web analyst, which measures and identifies where the opportunities are and where the problems are. This circle of work is essential in digital marketing but, in addition, there are many other disciplines in which we work to generate digital marketing strategies and tactics.

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