Ishikawa diagram: know what it is and how it will help you identify and solve problems in your business

They may have altered the process and caused the problem; environment: it is the context that can favor the emergence of problems. Pollution, heat and lack of space are some examples. 3. Meet with the team and analyze the causes That is the time to raise all the possible causes for the emergence of the problem, taking into account the structure of the 6Ms. The suggestion is to brainstorm with the participation of the people involved with the issue, as well as professionals from other areas, with different visions and perspectives. Investigate all points that come up, including those that seem unlikely.

What are the main applications of the Ishikawa Diagram?

A question that often helps is “why is this happening?” . Write each of the causes within the 6 categories. 4. Make subgroups Analyze each category of buy Singapore number causes and create subgroups. For example, when investigating the faults of an employee, within “machine” or “equipment”, there may be the subcategory “car”. Within that subcategory there may be other causes, such as “engine”, “tyres”, etc. 5. Highlight the root cause After completing the diagram, highlight the main cause that generated the problem. Depending on the case, there may be more than one. 6. Plan actions Did you find the main reason?

What are the biggest advantages of the Ishikawa Diagram?

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Now, you need to think about possible solutions that are within the reach of the team. After analyzing different alternatives, create an action plan to BJ Leads solve the issue discussed. Even nothing prevents you from using the Ishikawa Diagram to find the cause of problems in your personal life, solving various unwanted situations. Just like any tool, the more you practice applying it, the more natural it becomes to use. And, since we are talking about methodologies for business diagnoses, take the opportunity to see our complete article on how to do a SWOT analysis .

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