It gives pride of place to geometric shapes associated

Leonardo DiCaprio in gatsby Furniture In the field of furniture. The Art Deco style is also very characteristic and recognizable. It gives pride of place to geometric shapes associated. With different species of exotic wood mahogany, ebony etc. There are many lights, desks and sideboards in the Art-Deco style Art-Deco style lighting and desk.  His quick and effective tutorial presents the 5 tips you absolutely. Need to know to take beautiful photos with your smartphone.  Gives some interesting advice that everyone can understand. With a little extra touch of humor that makes watching this tutorial easy to digest. and agreeable.  As far as the articles are concerned, that of the site takes up in an educational.

To follow to take better photos with your phone

Detailed way the 10 rules to follow to take better photos with your phone , a sort of guideline of the essential prerequisites for taking Photo Background Removing quality photos with a phone. 2.2 Learn to use your reflex, bridge or mirrorless camera When you have a real camera, you have to handle it to discover its different functions and settings. Apart from the manuals, which are often off-putting and sometimes unsuitable for the intended use, there are many articles and tutorials to learn how to use the features of these devices. Note that each brand or model has its specificities, but most have common features that should be understood. Learn photography the best tutorials – Learn to use your reflex – blog Learn how to take great photos with an SLR camera! Among the countless sites dealing with photography.

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Instagram is a communication channel

How to make your Instagram stories successful. stories, story With over 1 billion daily active users and 2 million monthly advertisers worldwide, Instagram is a communication channel in its own right. And of all the tools made available Bj leads by the platform, the story remains the most effective to date. Stories can be videos, photos, drawings and/or text, all with or without music. Since their launch in 2016, stories. Have continued to evolve and grow in popularity. Their success is partly based on their “ephemeral” (they only last 24 hours) and customizable nature. How to personalize and optimize your in sta stories for maximum impact? We will explain everything to you ! 1. Stories vs posts: what are the differences? Unlike standard photos, stories are not displayed on your account but in a dedicated box at the top of your page.

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