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Don’t be afraid to categorically refuse something. Bad ideas are not only capable of harming your reputation. At some point, you should feel comfortable enough to say no to events that could jeopardize your future opportunities. 4. Say “no” to inefficiency. Productive professionals clearly understand what “choice price” means. Endless meetings and meetings are only useful if there is an agenda and a goal. If not, please politely decline. 3. Analysis of the labor market in the field of event marketing Look at the demand for jobs that interest you, determine how competitive you are for them and outline steps to improve your knowledge and skills. Get an idea of ​​your workspace.

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If you feel stuck in a rut, test the waters: what horizontal career moves make sense? It is not necessary to move vertically – this is not the only and not always the best way. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back to enter a new realm. 1. Take a critical look at yourself. If you are thinking about moving to another position or competing for some advantageous Canada Phone Number position, compare your skills and experience with those of your colleagues/competitors. 2. Become a volunteer/trainee. It may seem like there is nothing to gain at this stage of your career if you start working for free, but keep in mind that even the most successful lawyers sometimes work on a pro bono basis. Volunteering can be a way to experiment with a new niche. Reach out and see if you can find a job or help with an upcoming event. It will help you more than jumping into an unfamiliar area with your eyes closed. It’s also a great way to make connections in a position where you’re not burdened with undue stress.

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Learn to express your value. Having the best skillset doesn’t always lead to successful interviews, and it’s up to you to bridge that gap. The ability to communicate your strengths in interviews and contract negotiations requires completely different sales and marketing skills. Whenever possible, use clear, “loud” numbers that justify the choice in your BJ Leads favor. Read also: 122 ways to promote your event for free: preparation 4. Effective application of new technologies in the event industry Another important way to improve your resume and demonstrate your value is to use event technology (Eventtech). 46% of our respondents said they could move higher if they had a better understanding of technology. Every year there are more and more technology companies that make your life easier and allow you to host more interesting events.

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