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How to protect your investments? According to statistics, it is in the field of marketing that the largest “staff turnover” is observed But this is not the only reason for the “leakage” of knowledge. Retirements, promotions, staff turnover within the company itself, and employee forgetfulness also play a role. However, the consequences of “leakage” of knowledge can be the most unpredictable. That is why their preservation is an important corporate subtlety. Knowledge is one of the main competitive advantages of any company. But before developing a program for their conservation, three basic questions need to be answered.

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What knowledge can be lost? What are the consequences of their loss? TRactions can be taken to preserve this knowledge? After reading this post, you Taiwan Phone Number will learn how to answer these questions. The content of the article Why is knowledge retention so important? Why is it so difficult to retain knowledge? oblivion curve Where to start: Knowledge audit How to conduct a knowledge inventory Decision-making process Internal social networks Common mistakes during a knowledge audit Result of a knowledge audit Ways to save knowledge Knowledge Preservation Tactics Where to store information How to motivate employees to use the knowledge base Measuring the effectiveness of knowledge retention Conclusion.

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Why is knowledge retention so important? Jim Palmer, partner at LeanForward, says: “Once at Palmer, several employees were asked to evaluate their company’s position in the market. They had to answer the question: how much money would a competitor need to steal their business ? One of the teams stated that only $200,000 was needed for this. Why so little? The answer is simple: to steal a business, all you need to do is hire the company’s chief developer BJ Leads for $200,000 a year. Such a plan would hurt the firm and greatly expand the competitor’s opportunity.” The retention of knowledge makes information transferable. It allows you to move knowledge from the head (or hard drive) of one employee to an accessible corporate repository.

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