Lean Startup Understand the Concept and How to Apply It to a Company

This phenomenon emerged with the digital age. If it weren’t for the internet and all the possibilities of reaching the public, it would be impossible to achieve it. Read Lean, as an adjective, means skinny, meager and, applied to business, refers to the elimination of everything that is useless and/or does not produce value in a production process. It is that when a new class of entrepreneurs emerged, with innovative ideas but with little money, the need also arose for an adequate method for that situation.

The Lean Startup Concept

There is a fine line between great business and delusions of grandeur. If you don’t have enough resources and something goes wrong, you Sri Lanka mobile number will simply lose everything. That is why it is better to start from your reality and your possibilities. The author bases himself on the observation of successful startups, and also on his own failures, in order to codify a pre-existing and intuitive methodology that was present in most cases. The business model of large companies has become heavy for the speed of execution that a startup demands.

Netflix and the Lean Startup Method

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We are no longer talking about a large investment of money that places a product on the market: rather, we are talking about adapting a product to the needs of BJ Leads the consumer by placing it on the market on a small scale. Innovate – Create – Measure – Learn – Repeat These are the 5 basic steps of this method. Innovate To start we need the idea, the perception of the market opportunity , the need that your product or service will solve. For example, the history of Facebook is a clear example: the concept of a social network that allowed sharing material online and in real time did not exist.

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