Learn About 55 Google Applications for the Most Different Purposes and How to Use Them

Google Flights Flight reservation service that allows you to organize the search by the number of stopovers, price, airline, duration of the trip, and buy tickets through third-party providers. Task planning and organization apps 9.Google Drive Cloud storage service and file synchronization. Google Drive encompasses the resources of Google Docs. 10. Google Docs Service that allows you to create, edit and view documents, as well as share them with friends and professional contacts. It includes text documents, templates, forms and presentations. Google Docs has the option to work offline, that is, it makes it possible to save the files both in the Google drive and in the device’s memory.

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Google Calendar Agenda and electronic calendar that allows you to synchronize Gmail contacts so that you can invite them and share events. Calendar is Architects email addresses available as an App and integrated into Gmail. 12. Google Contacts Google’s contact management tool , and a separate service, part of the web apps for G Suite products. 13.Google Trips Application to organize trips. Google Trips allows you to check reservations, build itineraries, see restaurant suggestions, find out about public transport, discover nearby hospitals and much more.

Task planning and organization apps

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GSuite A pack that offers resources such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar etc, for companies. 15.Google Assistant Google virtual assistant available mainly on BJ Leads mobile devices. You can perform everyday tasks, such as making calls, sending messages, searching Google, and even talking to the user. 16.Google Bookmarks. Google Bookmarks is an online. Service that allows you to save your favorite. Sites and attach tags and comments. Advertising and sales applications 17.Google Marketing Platform Digital marketing and analytics platform that unifies Google applications like DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360, with the goal of making it easy to plan, evaluate, and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place.

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