Learn ALL about Slogans how to create one for your company and meet the most creative ones

Read our complete guide on the slogan and learn how to do it! Mauricio Baltazar Mar 30, 19 | 11 min read slogan guide One of the goals of any company is to draw the attention of its public in the best possible way. In the end, a company would be nothing without attracting its ideal customers , right? An essential part of a successful venture is dissemination strategies and good branding, but even before starting to do that, it is necessary to have a predefined identity . I’m sure you already know that you need a logo for the most visual part, but have you already thought that you also need a slogan?

What is a slogan?

It’s definitely not just for big brands: small and medium-sized ones can (and should!) also benefit from a good tagline. Its function is to use a phrase to CIO mailing list gain space in the consumer’s memory and become one of the options that they will remember when they need a certain product or service. What is a slogan? A slogan is a short phrase that seeks to represent a brand to promote rapid identification and memorization of its products and services by consumers . Due to its etymological origin, it comes from the term “sluagh-ghairm”, in Gaelic. “Sluagh” refers to “army”, while “ghairm” means “scream”. In this way, the union of these words gives rise to the expression referring.

Elements of a slogan

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Also called an impact phrase, it is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate your positioning and show that your brand stands out from the competition. We BJ Leads can even list the functions that a slogan can have: Demonstrate the value offer of your product or service, bring to light what makes your brand different from the competition and make it clear why to choose it. Increase the impact of your outreach actions and enhance their effect with a well-constructed identity. In this way, the slogan will be one more method to strengthen the personality of your brand, improve its perception with the public and, thus, attract and retain more customers!

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