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See also How to charge your landing page with really selling goods from China? Alibaba Search Filter Guide 1. Country / region You can choose a supplier from a range of Asian countries. Alibaba users recommend Guangdong, China’s main manufacturing region. Marianne also chose him. 2. Supplier type Alibaba has a verification system that will help you find the most secure option and make sure that the company you choose really exists and is officially registered. Marianne searched for suppliers who have the status of Alibaba Gold Supplier, that is, who are members of the Alibaba Premium Club.

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The companies on this list do not require additional verification, as they have already been verified by Alibaba and aim to do serious business with the whole world. In addition, Marianne excluded from the search those firms that do not participate in Alibaba’s Chile Phone Number Trade Assurance payment protection program. Participation in this program is voluntary, so not everyone joins it, but you need to understand that if a company guarantees the delivery of cargo to you, it begins to be in great demand. 3. Duration of business Pay attention to how long companies have been premium on Alibaba and how long they have been in business in general.

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Marianna has chosen a supplier that has been “gold” since 2016, although it has been on the market since 1993. 4. Quality certification You can also filter out those companies that do not comply with ISO, that is, do not follow the principles of the International BJ Leads Organization for Standardization in their work. You should at least check ISO 9001, a quality management standard recognized throughout the world. You can also filter out companies that do not comply with ISO 14000. This is a family of standards and tools that help companies meet their environmental responsibilities. 5. Minimum order size This setting depends on the size of your business and what you want to do.

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