Leads on LinkedIn 4 Techniques to Generate Qualified Leads on the Social Network

How to connect with leads on LinkedIn? Complete your page Companies with complete information receive more views ; In addition, it provides users with security when it comes to becoming leads. That is why you must complete the following information on your page: Description Adding phrases and keywords that describe your company, the specialty, the sector you work in and the vision and objective, will make your target audience more interested in knowing your brand. Logo Insert the company logo and a cover image to give the page more life and proximity. Company information It includes the URL of the website, email, social networks, location, company size, among others.

Why is it worth getting leads on LinkedIn?

This is fundamental since it gives credibility to your company. share content Publishing content daily builds trust and manages to establish a phone number in Korean connection with the public. These publications must be relevant and not necessarily from your company, they can be data, reports, news and curiosities that have to do with your market. Including images or some type of multimedia content in them doubles the rate of comments; Videos are five times more likely to convert than any other content . interact Two-way communication is essential; starting conversations, socializing, answering comments and doubts.

How to capture leads on LinkedIn?

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Will make your potential clients see your company in a more humanized way. Remember not to write automatically like a robot, take your time to BJ Leads respond and assess the browsing experience of your potential customers, because that is the essence of Inbound Marketing. Show them that you are there for what they need, that you want to listen to them, know their concerns and everything they have to tell you. On the other hand, sharing the posts of your employees, taking advantage of their networks and their voices generates a broader connection with your brand. Also, you can apply this strategy with mentions of clients who share videos, photographs and information about your company.

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