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Ngage with their products and services. Website visitors can quickly identify the right products and understand how they can become a member through the. Easiest Quiz Ever”, about their daily grooming routine and product needs. This way, customers feel motivated as well as excited to see. How Dollar Shave Club’s products could elevate their daily routine. Screenshot from the Dollar Shave Club website. How to bring this into B2B Let’s put this idea of motivating people to work for your B2B business. Motivating others doesn’t mean you need to stop what you’re doing and create a new quiz. Look at Zeb Evans, CEO and founder of ClickUp (a project management software.

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Each week he posts videos on Linkedin that Macedonia Phone Number List motivate his target audience to join in on the conversation pertaining to work culture, localization, and even some of his biggest lessons scaling his team. You can simply motivate your target audience to first engage with your brand by sharing behind the scenes moments and lessons you’re learning along the way. This inspires others and makes you more approachable, too. 4. Works as a basis for customer retention Canva does an excellent job of creating content their B2B and B2C audiences love. They understand that in order to retain their customers, their offering should not be just about design principles and templates.

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Their carefully curated blog touches upon various BJ Leads topics, such as case studies (how a redesign boosted a non-profit organization’s impact), efficient organization skills (teaching school teachers how to organize their digital notes), and how-to design guides. Canva is not just a leading brand for amateur designers, but is also a go-to destination for its users to learn more about several aspects of their daily life at work. Sample of some blog posts from Canva. How to bring this into B2B Map out the types of people that work at the businesses you’re targeting. You have graphic designers, content marketers, business founders.

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