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How does your target audience know who you are and what you’re offering them. Without content optimization  how do you expect that audience to notice you at all. For my team at Tao Digital Marketing, our work with AFG Law goes to show that results can be achiev by focusing. On creating the right content for the right audience. In this case, we saw Leads increase from 306 to 840 (174%) Increas impressions from 1.44m to 3.57m (148%). Increas clicks from 17.5k to 55.5k (217%) Clicks on top page increase from 8,549 to 30,419 (255%). By making strategic changes at the right time and focusing our efforts on optimization.

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We generat these positive results — and so can Qatar Phone Number List you! Objectives The objective of any SEO work is ultimately all the same: to increase leads and generate sales. We want to improve the customer journey through the sales funnel, all the way from “reach” (through pieces of content that would help potential clients), down to engaging with AFG Law by contacting them for legal assistance. Tao Digital’s version of the sales funnel, starting with reach, moving onto act, convert then engage When we first spoke to the client.

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We discover that the only way they were BJ Leads tracking leads was by verbally asking customers how they found out about them, which they would then enter into a CRM system. To address this gap, we want to provide tangible evidence that would help them see exactly where the customers were coming from, and the journey they took along the site. We took AFG on as a client in April 2020, but naturally, results start to pick up from July 2020 as Google start to crawl the site more regularly. In this case study, we’ll be focusing on comparing July-December 2020 and March-September 2021 to.Assault, ABH and GBH”, answering the huge variety of questions we found through our research. The popularity of this piece absolutely soared and gained.

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