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The visual identity is, as its name suggests, the set of visuals that make up your entrepreneurial personality. Whether you are a brand an association or an independent creator. You will sooner or later have to present yourself on your different platforms. Site social networks print media, etc. However, to do this, your visuals must not only reflect your activity. Your universe, but also be available in a global and uniform way from one platform to another. The sector Even if it is tempting to already imagine its colors, find its style. The visual identity of a company is not achieved without precise and detailed reconnaissance work of its sector.

Every step of the visual identity process matters

What the visual identity shows to the world in addition to your business name is your vision. It is from your vision that your present and future visibility will come. The watchword for setting up its visual identity is clear  is indeed the pillar Philippines Photo Editor of any communication strategy. Its founding basis which will allow any individual to recognize your universe. This is also  where your credibility as a brand creator. Freelancer or communication agency is at stake . How many great projects and products never come to fruition due to poor image management. Every step of the visual identity process matters. So much that missing one can ruin an entire project. Market study and graphic code Market research is the key stage of your project since. It provides comprehensive knowledge of your sector and domain.

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If the implementation of its graphic identity may seem complex and opaque. Here is a guide to follow step by step to be sure to succeed.  The pre-creation Bj leads phase the contours of the visual identity When we think of visual identity. We immediately think of design and visual communication. We do not embark on the choices and graphic designs without having studied. These 2 key elements beforehand the sector and the target. Most failed visual identities fail because they didn’t spend enough time on this step. The interest of this observation phase is all the more necessary. In that it avoids pitfalls and changes of course along the way. It is at this stage that you will be able to study the functioning of your competitors as well as their visual identity. Copy of Untitled what is your added value in this area.

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