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Other questions may need a new article or page altogether. So you can start building out your content architecture and forming your internal linking strategy. Additionally, by integrating these features, you’ll be covering more on your chosen topics. Thereby increasing keyword density and closing the gap on your competitors. Plus, your content will use the language of your audience as opposed to your assumed keywords. Keyword clustering is powerful. The graph below shows one article’s journey in Google SERPs. It ranks for 50 clustered keywords and includes questions from PAA. This article quickly achieved a featured snippet, image rankings, 9.37k clicks, 68.9k impressions.

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Oh and this was achieved before a single Croatia Phone Number List website back-linked directly to the article. Snippet taken from Fortune and Frame’s Google Search Console showing an article’s journey in the SERPs from publication. This particular article is about messages to write in a book (see point 3 to understand what I did with this link here). 3) Choose the most appropriate keyword for the content (then use internal linking, naturally) Keyword clustering presents you with opportunities you may have otherwise overlooked. If you pull together multiple keywords that all sit within one article or web page.

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You can determine the best angle to write in BJ Leads order to suit your focus keyword and your online presence. You will have a selection of keywords and you can use their search volume, competition and your website’s domain authority to determine the best keyword for your site to focus on right now. Additionally, it means that you can write meaningful anchor text as part of your internal linking strategy. Taking the example from the graph above (“This particular article is about messages to write in a book, the anchor text “messages to write in a book gift” is not the. 13.6% CTR and an average of six minutes spent on the page.

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