What content management system works best to position yourself in Google

SEO Henry Silva What content management system (CMS) works best to position yourself in Google? Platform What content management system (CMS) works best to position yourself in Google? What did Danny Richman of SEO Training London discover by crawling a million websites? What you are about to read is an SEO study gone wrong. This was done by Danny Richman of SEO Training London . There are several articles that explain which content management systems (CMS) have the necessary features to optimize your site for Google. This study was suppose to be an analysis of the platforms that performe best on Google and got the most organic traffic.

This ultimately resulte in a fool’s

Errand because there are many factors that influence how well a site performs on . Google and most have little or nothing to do with . The platform the site built on. Realizing his mistake, Danny Richman consulte some of the top SEO experts to see if there was a way to save the studio. The consensus was that it would not be possible without collecting a Denmark Phone Number List large amount of hard-to-obtain additional data, and even with that data, the final analysis would not be conclusive. Rather than abandon the project altogether, Mr. Richman decide to look at the data in a different way. He got a list of one million  websites built on eight of the most popular CMS platforms .


He then use the wonderful

Screaming Frog Spider to track the home page of the million domains and the . Ahrefs API to analyze the organic performance and backlink data of each site. Therefore, there is no hypothesis to test and nothing said about which CMS platform works best on Google. Instead, it is an analysis of how well (or poorly) each platform performs, regardless USA Business of whether this was due to the CMS itself or the type of business using the platform. Danny Richman made it clear that he is not affiliate with any of the . CMS platforms or SEO tool companies mentione in this study . Seo pe Danny Richman SEO Training London Methodology It didn’t make much sense to include . Websites in this study that aren’t trying to get traffic from Google.

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