Content Marketing FAQ What Doubts Do You Have About the Strategy

Content Marketing is a strategy that really generates results. However, before adopting it, some doubts may arise. Valentina Giraldo May 24, 19 | 6 min read Frequently asked questions Our team of consultants collected the most frequently asked questions about it in the Hispanic market and in this post we will clarify them all for you. Let’s go! 1. How to measure the return on investment in content marketing? Measuring the ROI (return on investment) of your content marketing strategy is essential to quantitatively understand that this strategy is worth it. First, you need to determine what goal you hope to achieve with your marketing investment .

Why does content marketing only generate long-term results?

Once defined, specify the value provided by this achieved goal and calculate how much you invest to achieve it. To obtain this measurement you must do phone numbers in Jordan the following simple calculation: ROI = (return – cost of investment) / cost of investment I give you an example: If the strategy helped you make 20 sales and each sale brought you an average income of $300, we can conclude that the return was 20 x 300 = $6,000. If the cost of your investment was $3000, applying the formula, we will obtain: ROI = (6000 – 3000) / 3000 = 1 We multiply this number by 100 to obtain a percentage, which gives us 100%. This means that the investment pays us 100%.

How can content marketing help improve my company’s branding?

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For every dollar invested, we receive BJ Leads another dollar of profit. If you want to know more about the ROI of Content Marketing , enter the article in the link. 2. Why does content marketing only generate long-term results? Advertising generates short-term results, however, if your campaign ends and you don’t renew it, the results fade over time. Content marketing is different, since you not only sell your product and/or service, but it is a process by which you educate the consumer and create a connection with him, so visible results do not appear overnight.

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