Marketing Glossary ​​36 Digital Marketing Terms Every Professional Should Know

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing and advancing. So staying current is a task that marketers must take on. Redator Rock Content Ene 23, 19 | 6 min read marketing glossary Therefore, we have created a marketing glossary with 36 terms widely used in marketing meetings, articles, strategies and scenarios. Also get to know our Digital Marketing Dictionary to learn the main terms used in the routine of these professionals. 1. A/B Testing An A/B test is an optimization technique that consists of creating two different versions of a page, an email or an ad, to verify which one achieves a higher level of interactions, openings or conversions.

A/B Testing

Algorithm Series of processes developed by search engines to find the best answer to a user’s question. For this, search engines index, catalog and b2b database companies in USA display the pages with the results that best match what the user expects to find. 3. Web Analytics Measurement and processing. Of data from a website. To identify trends in the behavior. Of users who visit it, and thus create strategies to optimize the user experience and more effectively achieve business objectives.

Web Analytics

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Anchor Text An anchor text is a phrase that links to another page and that provides information about the site that the user is going to visit. 5. Authority BJ Leads Relevance indicator of a web domain and the reliability of your content that helps in the organic positioning of your page in the SERP. 6. Backlink Links that other pages have pointing to your website. They can be personal or corporate. Blogs are essential in a content marketing strategy. 8. Bounce Rate The Bounce Rate is a metric that shows the percentage of visitors who enter your web page and leave immediately, without interacting with it.

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